Fairdinkum Fishing Tours - North Queensland

Here is our currently planned fishing adventures for the next several months.

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February 2011
Fri 18.02 - Sun 20.02.2011Three Rivers Challenge (Live Baiting)Townsville, NQ
Fri 25.02 - Sun 27.02.2011Three Rivers Challenge (Live Baiting)Townsville, NQ
March 2011
Tue 01.03 - Thu 03.03.2011Three Rivers Challenge (Live Baiting)Townsville, NQ
Wed 09.03 - Sun 13.03.2011Five River Run (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
Wed 16.03 - Sun 20.03.2011Hinchinbrook Channel Challenge (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
April 2011
Mon 04.04 - Sun 10.04.2011Burdekin to the Brook (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
Wed 13.04 - Sun 17.04.2011Hinchinbrook Channel Challenge (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
May 2011
Mon 02.05 - Sun 08.05.2011Burdekin to the Brook (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
July 2011
Fri 01.07 - Tue 05.07.2011Hinchinbrook Channel Challenge (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
Mon 11.07 - Sun 17.07.2011Hinchinbrook Channel Challenge (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
Mon 11.07 - Fri 15.07.2011Hinchinbrook Channel Challenge (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
August 2011
Mon 08.08 - Sun 14.08.2011Hinchinbrook Channel Challenge (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
Mon 08.08 - Fri 12.08.2011Hinchinbrook Channel Challenge (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
Mon 15.08 - Fri 19.08.2011Five River Run (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
September 2011
Fri 02.09 - Sun 04.09.2011Three Rivers Challenge (Lure & Live Baiting)Townsville, NQ
Thu 08.09 - Wed 14.09.2011Burdekin to the Brook (Lure)Townsvillie, NQ
Fri 16.09 - Sun 18.09.2011Three Rivers Challenge (Lure & Live Baiting)Townsville, NQ